A complete system of cabling and associated hardware, which supports multiple hardware uses systems and provides a comprehensive telecommunication infrastructure. Structured cabling is either building or campus based. There are a set of standards that govern the design and installation of Structure...

IT Infrastructure

The IT Infrastructure of an organization is constantly up-to-date with the ever-changing demands of the current business landscape is of paramount importance in the long-term growth and success of that organization. That is why an ideal and best IT Infrastructure Solution Provider must be able to f...


Large Video Surveillance Systems consisting of several hundreds of cameras provide protection to critical assets of large scale business organizations reducing blind spots. Operators sift through hours of benign footage to ensure no security breaches take place. The ever growing business landscape ...

Mr. Sunny George

Mr. Sunny George, Managing Director, Castle Homes Builders & developers Pvt Ltd, Kottayam

Appsline is extremely knowledgeable and always provides timely and professional services in structured cabling for ELV solutions.Nothing is too much effort and despite sometimes only being given limited site information consistently complete each project efficiently and on budget. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services. 

Mr. Gopan

Mr. Gopan, IT Manager, KTCT Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram

Our DB servers, Gateway firewall, and Endpoint Security software are installed and maintained by Appsline. Efficient with research, calling, and updates throughout.

Mr. Arjun S Kumar

Mr. Arjun S Kumar, General Manager, Yeskay Construction, Ernakulam

We are very satisfied with the service and really recommend Appsline and their team. We just got very professional support at project sites. Reporting and the success rate was very good which gave me definitely a positive effect on my business. 

Mr. Jaison Louis

Mr. Jaison Louis, Managing Director, Volviar Technologies, Ernakulam

Quick and prompt response for the service calls. We feel a standard and professional approach for infrastructure maintenance in our environment. 

Mr. Ajith Arjun

Mr. Ajith Arjun, Manager, IT Department, Travancore Medical College, Kollam

Appsline did a great job in IT infrastructure, P A System, Telecommunication, and CCTV solutions in our organization. We are very pleased with the result. Appsline is very professional and tried to put all the attention to the project, We would consider them again.

Mr. Niyas Muhammed

Mr. Niyas Muhammed, General Manager, Innerspace Coworking, Ernakulam

Our ELV work completed by Appsline, An excellent result. The work is much appreciated and the two-way communication was beneficial in optimizing the outcome.

Dr. A. Shaji Abdul Gafoor

Dr. A. Shaji Abdul Gafoor, Craft Hospital, Perinthalmanna

Very pleased with the ELV solution at our hospital project completed on a stipulated time frame by Appsline. Efficient with research, calling and updates throughout.

Dr. Joy Innocent

Dr. Joy Innocent , HPC Medical Centre, Ernakulam

Appsline, the Enterprise Solution Provider is best at delivering their services without compromising the quality. Service of Appsline is unique for each; they carefully examine the needs of the Company and devise the best solution.

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