A complete system of cabling and associated hardware, which supports multiple hardware uses systems and provides a comprehensive telecommunication infrastructure. Structured cabling is either building or campus based. There are a set of standards that govern the design and installation of Structure...

IT Infrastructure

The IT Infrastructure of an organization is constantly up-to-date with the ever-changing demands of the current business landscape is of paramount importance in the long-term growth and success of that organization. That is why an ideal and best IT Infrastructure Solution Provider must be able to f...


Large Video Surveillance Systems consisting of several hundreds of cameras provide protection to critical assets of large scale business organizations reducing blind spots. Operators sift through hours of benign footage to ensure no security breaches take place. The ever growing business landscape ...

Video Conference

Video Conference

Video conferencing (VC) involves the use of technologies and infrastructure such as high-speed internet connectivity, webcams, videophones et al for transmission and reception of audio-video signals between groups of individuals at different geographical locations in real time. The purpose behind this is to give the impression that all the distant participants involved in a meeting or conference are present in the confines of a single room so that real-time discussions among them can be held.  As a best Video Solution Provider in Kochi, Appsline offers individualized Video Conferencing Solutions in High Definition to meet different client requirements and demands. Generally, the VC infrastructure is available in:

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