A complete system of cabling and associated hardware, which supports multiple hardware uses systems and provides a comprehensive telecommunication infrastructure. Structured cabling is either building or campus based. There are a set of standards that govern the design and installation of Structure...

IT Infrastructure

The IT Infrastructure of an organization is constantly up-to-date with the ever-changing demands of the current business landscape is of paramount importance in the long-term growth and success of that organization. That is why an ideal and best IT Infrastructure Solution Provider must be able to f...


Large Video Surveillance Systems consisting of several hundreds of cameras provide protection to critical assets of large scale business organizations reducing blind spots. Operators sift through hours of benign footage to ensure no security breaches take place. The ever growing business landscape ...

Public Addressing Systems

Public Addressing Systems

Public Addressing (PA) System is a set of electronic and electrical equipment used to enhance the apparent volume of a sound source. A PA system may consist of multiple microphones or other sound sources, mixing consoles, multiple amplifiers and loudspeakers. In hospitals, schools, shopping malls, offices etc., PA systems play an extremely important role in relaying important announcements to patients, school staff and students, customers and office staff respectively.

IP PBX PA systems use an Internet Protocol (IP) network instead of a central amplifier to distribute audio signals to different locations on the IP network, including the internet. Together, with an in-built intercom facility, a telephone serves as a microphone sending audio signals like messages and announcements to be received by the speakers.

Appsline is the top Public Addressing System Provider in Kochi, which offers comprehensive PA solutions to institutions and business organizations and helps improve them in their day-to-day operations.

We, the best Public Addressing System Provider in Kochi,  install PA systems in hospitals and healthcare institutions conform to the NABH Accreditation guidelines, a set of standards committed to support the improvement of quality of healthcare services.

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